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Research shows that up to 90 percent of a person’s health can be attributed to social conditions, environmental factors, and health behaviors. Long-standing health and social inequities have led to persistent health disparities. Despite this, health spending disproportionately flows to downstream medical care rather than upstream community prevention efforts.


The San Diego Accountable Community for Health (SDACH) believes that everyone should have access to all they need to create a lifetime of health and wellness, regardless of their race, ethnicity, status, or zip code. The first aim of the SDACH is to support ideal cardiovascular health across the lifespan with a focus on the health, behavioral, social, and environmental factors that protect individuals from cardiovascular disease.

Creating New Conversations & Partnerships

San Diego Accountable Community for Health Home Collaboration


Cross-sector leaders in San Diego have joined forces in a collaborative approach to advance a wellness system that prioritizes community well-being and equity. The SDACH believes that creating healthy communities is possible when different sectors work together toward a common cause.


New relationships between clinical and community partners help to redefine our local health system to extend beyond traditional healthcare organizations. By convening valuable community institutions together with local residents, the SDACH is creating a new vision for health and wellness in San Diego County.

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San Diego Accountable Community for Health Home Community


The SDACH provides opportunities to explore and address critical community health issues and have real conversations about the social determinants of health, health equity, and racial justice. Together, we explore challenges and solutions that reflect community experiences, priorities, and values.

Partnerships that Make a Difference

No single individual or organization can make a difference alone. The strength of the San Diego Accountable Community for Health lies in its multi-sector partners.
Here is what our partners have to say about their participation in the SDACH.

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